The Spice Journal, Pepper, Art 2

The Spice Journal, Pepper, Art 2

Medicinal and Nutritional Propeties

Black pepper and its active compound peperine are poweful antioxidants. In addition, when foods are eaten with black pepper, the body is able to absorb valuable vitamins and nutrients from the food much more easily. In particular, it improves the absorption of curcumin, the active ingredient in the popular anti-inflammatory spice tumeric. One study found the absorption of curcumin was improved by 2000% when eaten with black pepper. Research also shows that black pepper may improve the absorption of beta-carotene and it can help digestion and relieve gas.

Black pepper tea is a common remedy for coughs and sore throats in Ayurveda. To make it, boil water and ground black pepper together for a few minutes and then filter. Add honey, lemon, fresh ginger or mint leaves if you prefer, or use the filtered infusion to add to your favourite herbal tea bag.


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