The Spice Journal, Saffron, art 2

The Spice Journal, Saffron, art 2

Saffron in thekitchen 

What does saffron go well with?
Saffron pairs well with chicken, seafood and lamb. It can be used with sweet spices
such as cinnamon and cardamom. In recepies that include apples, almonds, honey,
milk, cream or yoghurt, garlic, white wine, and citrus fruits, it gives an element of

How to use saffron
When cooking with this special spice you can choose either saffron threads
or saffron powder. The advantage of saffron powder being that it can be added
directly to a dish without pre-soaking. However, saffron  threads are always a
superior choice, but they must be pre-soaked, preferably overnight . Considering
how expensive saffron is, it is often adulterated. To check if saffron is the real deal,
soak a few strands of saffron in water, the real one will leach its colour but will
remain crimson, while the fake one will turn white.

In the next article of #thespicejournal, a family recepie using saffron.


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