The Spice Journal, preface

The Spice Journal, preface

A spice journal and journey

This year everyone will be talking about Magellan’s epic journey around the world (1519-1522) and how it  initiated globalisation. In reality, as a result of commerce, conquest and migration, communities  have always been subject to change, for better or for worse. One of the most fundamental changes evident is how the introduction of previously unknown ingredients can influence local cuisine and habits as demonstrated by Magellan’s voyage which made spices more readily available in Europe. 

Through “The Spice Journal” I would like to document my own journey that eventually led to the opening of Tiffs and to relate some interesting facts about spices. Every month, Tiffs will be featuring a particular spice, creating dishes using it, and highlighting its properties from a culinary, nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic viewpoint. 

The Spice Journal is a collection of stories, facts, recepies and also a personal journey of discovery through research and documentation.

Please accompany us on this journey …..


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